Being a Lawyer in DC : Legal Landscape and Trends, Activities, Events, and Conferences

April 27, 2023
Scomo Law

Washington DC is the nation’s capital and a thriving legal market. If you are an attorney licensed to practice in Washington DC and are looking for opportunities to build your network, look no further than the many annual conferences and legal support groups offered in Washington DC. 

Consider employment options with Scott Moncrieff if you are interested in engaging with the legal industry of Washington DC while freelancing for a progressive and client-centered firm. 

Washington DC Legal Conferences Build Professional Networks and Support Success

Operating as an attorney in a vacuum can be extremely difficult, which becomes abundantly clear once you begin to take advantage of the many social networking opportunities that DC offers working attorneys. 

ABI Annual Spring Meeting 

Each year in Washington DC the American Bankruptcy Institute, ABI, hosts their Annual Spring Meeting. This event is “one of the most significant annual gatherings of bankruptcy and insolvency professionals in the country,” offering unparalleled professional networking opportunities for related professionals. We encourage our associates and freelance attorneys to take full advantage of the many benefits of meetings like these. We’ll even help you figure out which ones will be most beneficial for your career by making well-informed suggestions based on our years of experience in the industry here. 

The DC Bar is Supportive and Includes Expansive Benefits 

A key benefit of working in Washington DC as an attorney is access to membership with the DC Bar. The motto of the DC bar is “(i) improving the legal system and empowering lawyers to achieve success.” The efforts of the DC bar are in line with our own, as our focus is to support our attorneys, whether in-house or freelance, so they can be as successful as possible. 

DC Bar membership benefits include thousands of dollars in potential savings through various partnerships helped by the DC Bar. These partnerships include access to exclusive discounts on legal research tools, cloud-based law management software, health insurance, and various other benefits. 

Learn About Opportunities to be a Washington DC-Based Lawyer with Scott Moncrieff 

At Scott Moncrieff, our clients and our associates are treated equally as important, as we cannot have one without the other. Working with Scott Moncrieff as a freelance attorney gives you the benefits of freedom and complete control over the volume of work you accept. We provide a positive and supportive environment for you to do your best, delivering top-notch services to our clients while commanding your career. 

To learn about freelance and employment opportunities at Scott Moncrieff, give us a call at (202) 335-5511 or visit our site to schedule an interview.