Dispute Resolution for Commercial Clients

April 27, 2023
Scomo Law

The field of commercial dispute resolution is concerned with ending a disagreement, generally by initiating legal discussions through a court proceeding. However, court proceedings are only one of the options, and the potential of reaching a consensus between the parties through alternative dispute resolution is always there. Resolving a dispute outside of court, however, requires the parties’ mutual agreement, and doing so can be difficult without outside assistance from a third party, such as an attorney specializing in alternative dispute resolution. 

If your business is involved in a dispute and you are exploring options to identify the best solution, connect with an alternative dispute attorney from Scott Moncrieff. We are dedicated to producing the best possible result for our client, considering the total amount of time and legal fees required to reach a result that you are satisfied with. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Can be Time- and Cost-Saving 

Alternative dispute resolution, often called ADR, uses non-court methods to resolve a dispute between parties. Regarding business disputes, ADR options are often more direct and less costly than the alternatives provided by court action.

For example, if you have a contract dispute with a company you do business with concerning missing items from a purchase and cannot reach an agreement together, your options are ADR or court. If you opt for court, you’ll need to collect evidence that would be admissible in court, use that evidence to draft a claim, then file that claim with the courts in the time allowed, in the proper format. The opposing party then has time to answer, which may require further filings on your behalf, and ultimately you will argue your dispute in court, with the power to decide being held by the court. 

ADR Keeps the Power in Your Hands

It is important to understand that once you file a case concerning your dispute, the power to control the outcome is handed over to the court. It is common for the courts to come to a decision to the detriment of the filing party and sometimes out of line with common business practices and values. Judges are rare individuals who have not owned businesses and gone through disputes like those you are facing. Their decisions are likewise rarely informed by such experience and can go against even parties in the right. 

Explore Options on Your Commercial Dispute with Scott Moncrieff 

To learn how the ADR specialists with Scott Moncrieff can help you identify the best and most efficient solution to your commercial dispute, give us a call at (202) 335-5511, or visit our site to schedule a consultation. The longer that disputes go on for, the greater their cost to your business, so reach out to us now to get started.