Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC: A Law Firm Hiring Talented Lawyers

The firm is a new venture from the key people at Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd, a well-established UK law firm with offices in London ( ). The firm, set up over 35 years ago, offers company and commercial, private client, and social welfare law services across the UK, working with attorneys who practice remotely. At our new firm attorneys can either work from home or from our downtown Washington DC offices, or a combination of both. You should consider joining our team if you want to continue growing your Practice while increasing your autonomy. Explore a unique opportunity with our law firm hiring.

More Than Just Buzzwords

This model is about more than just saving on office space or cutting out your commute – our vision is founded upon helping lawyers advance their careers and grow their Practice, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To achieve this, we give our lawyers true freedom to practice when and how they want, choose their earning potential, and recruit and develop the type of clients they want to work with. Along the way, we provide 360-degree support as well as the following: 

  • Access to our cutting-edge case management and accounting platforms
  • You keep 70% of the fees you bring in
  • Guidance and client-oriented supervision when you need it
  • At our offices, we offer workstations, day offices, meeting rooms, office services (scanning, mailing, photocopying), etc. – all at no extra cost.
  • There are no monthly fees and no joining fees.

All we ask is that you share your considerable talent and experience with us and bring a passion for excellence in law firm hiring and client representation. 

Scomo Law Firm Hiring: Is Our Firm Right for You? 

We’re looking for independently-minded attorneys with an entrepreneurial spirit—lawyers who want to set their own goals and grow their careers without the tedium and corporate frustration that comes with working in a traditional law firm, and pursue highly rewarding law firm jobs

In London we’ve assembled a team of attorneys who are trailblazers at the top of their careers, and we aim to do the same in DC. We’re offering you the opportunity to grow your career alongside equally talented colleagues, with full IT, administrative, and marketing support. If you are looking for an opportunity to be the best lawyer you can be, we may be the firm for you.

What Does Scott Moncrieff Offer?

At Scott Moncrieff, we believe that attorneys are at their best when they have balance in their lives. We offer a springboard for independent, entrepreneurial attorneys to take their careers to the next level. We do this by providing them with the autonomy they need to grow their practice as they think is best, allowing them to balance their careers with their families, interests, and outside pursuits in the way that they deem most meaningful. To make this work for our law firm hiring freelance attorneys, we offer the following: 

  • State-of-the-art case management and accounting platforms
  • Guidance and client-oriented supervision where needed
  • A fair and reasonable compensation plan
  • Marketing guidance and support
  • Comprehensive administrative support

Law Firm Hiring: Why Should You Consider Working With Us as a Freelance Lawyer? 

Our founder, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE, recognized that lawyers do their best work when they are happy with the environment in which they work. In addition to promoting a healthy work-life balance, she was determined to create a law firm with a streamlined philosophy focused on eliminating things like office politics and endless meetings. In turn, this streamlined approach allows us to focus on those things that truly matter in a lawyer’s life: 

  • Professional development
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Opportunities for enhancing your reputation and advancing your career
  • Improved overall quality of life

Discover a unique approach to law firm hiring that prioritizes what truly matters in your legal career.

How Does This Law Firm HIring Model Work?

Our freelance attorneys work from home or their own offices, with access to our offices when necessary. Subject to a modest minimum billing target to cover overheads, they are free to take on as much or as little work as they wish. They are free to continue to handle cases outside of their work with Scott Moncrieff, so long as conflicts of interest are avoided. 

We have space available for client meetings and conferences in our Washington DC offices. The client relationship is with the firm and our consultants are subject to the firm’s policies and procedures. Our professional malpractice insurance covers all of our freelance attorneys. 

Freelance attorneys are also free to work with other freelancers at our firm or to recruit others. This allows our attorneys to scale up to meet the needs of our clients by building a “team within a team” while avoiding the burdensome costs of establishing a law firm. Explore limitless opportunities for growth with our innovative law firm hiring model.

Our Technology

As a virtual law firm, technology is the foundation of our very existence. As a result, we are deeply invested in technology that enhances how we operate as a law firm and how we serve our clients. This includes our case management system, a secure intranet, and an online forum for internal communications. We are fully committed to providing the best technology available so that our people can practice from anywhere in the country with confidence and efficiency.

Virtual with an Emphasis on the Human

While technology powers our operation, it cannot replace the value of face-to-face interactions. Therefore, we encourage our professionals to meet as often as they wish, whether to discuss work-related matters or for social occasions.

Committed to Total Equality: Join a Law Firm Hiring Model that Empowers Your Success

You will never be treated as a second-class citizen. Our freelance attorneys are as much a part of the firm as anyone else. You will enjoy full and equal access to all of our services and resources. We do not distinguish on the basis of status or give preferential treatment to “rainmakers.” Our support and services are provided based on need, not who you are. You will never have to worry about a glass ceiling at our firm because there is no ceiling. At Scott Moncrieff, the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. Join a law firm hiring model that values equality and empowers your success.

Set Your Own Pay, Keep Your Own Hours 

Turn your dream into reality with our empowering law firm hiring model. Most lawyers dream of working when and how they want. We have worked to make that a reality. At Scott Moncrieff, you retain 70% of your billed fees, regardless of whether the work came to you through the firm or originated with you. This means that your income is always under your control. 

FAQs for Law Firm Hiring at Scott Moncrieff

These FAQs are for attorneys interested in knowing how we work. The answers given are indicative, and anyone wanting more detailed information should contact our office.

Please note that consultants with the firm are bound by the terms of their contract with the firm, and neither the firm nor consultants are bound by these indicative answers to these FAQs.

1. Who can join the firm to practice law, and what are the opportunities for law firm hiring?

 Only attorneys registered with the DC Bar as either a Special Legal Consultant or as a member of the DC Bar (in accordance with Rule 46) are interested in law firm hiring. 

2. Are they members of the firm or independent contractors – and how does this relate to law firm hiring?

Consultant attorneys are self-employed but still members of the firm; covered by our Professional Liability Insurance (PLI); contractually bound to comply with our policies and procedures, which include standards of service to clients and the firm’s policies on equality and non-discrimination; and subject to the Rules of the DC Bar. The work that you complete is as an independent contractor but under our name, and so our policies and standards naturally must be met. 

3. Do attorneys have to work in the firm’s office in DC, and if they don’t have to, do they have the option of doing so?

Consultants are not required to work from our offices; however, offices and workstations are available should anyone wish to. Attorneys can work from home, from our offices, or from workspaces they rent themselves. Our contract is with Regus, which has multiple office venues offering office services, day offices, and meeting rooms. The cost of this is included in a consultancy with our firm, facilitating flexible options for law firm hiring.

4. Can consultants work for others as well as for us, and how does this align with our policies on law firm hiring?

Yes, so long as systems are in place to avoid conflicts of interest. Our policy on legal conflicts of interest follows Rules 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9 of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the DC Bar. We are developing policies to deal with commercial conflicts and reputational risk management.

5. Do we assign our lawyers to particular clients or cases?

No. When potential clients approach the firm for help, we circulate their details to attorneys with the relevant expertise to deal with their matters. It is up to individual lawyers to decide whether they accept a case or not. In general, lawyers are responsible for generating their own caseload, although we provide full logistical support, including secretarial services for all businesses. 

6. How do you deal with conflicts of interests between lawyers in the firm?

Just as you would in any traditional firm, your self-employed status makes no difference to our adherence to the Rules of the DC Bar and the policies referred to in FAQ 4. 

7. How are clients protected?

Just as in any traditional firm: they are the clients of the firm, not of the lawyer who takes their case, and our PLI covers them, as do our complaints procedure, and other relevant policies.

8. How do consultants get paid?

Consultant attorneys are self-employed and treated as 1099 independent contractors.

We operate on a 70/30 fee split. This is a flat fee, regardless of how much you bill. Consultants invoice the client through our firm, and the client pays us directly. Once cleared funds are received, consultants then bill the firm for their 70%. Consultants must generate gross fees of at least $80,000 per year, which we will support however possible with our systems and professional development opportunities, providing financial stability in law firm hiring.

9. Can lawyers in the firm choose to work together on a case, and, if so, how is the remuneration arranged?

Yes, two or more lawyers can decide to work together on a case within their area of expertise. They will settle between themselves how the 70% will be divided and inform the accounting department so that, when funds come in, it will be distributed according to their agreement.

10. Can lawyers have their own trust account for client money?

No, we have our own operating and IOLTA accounts through which all financial dealings must be made. Client funds are paid into the firm’s IOLTA account and are transferred when billed. Consultants are then paid their 70%, plus any other money due, such as claimed travel expenses and disbursements, from our operating account. We manage and maintain regulatory compliance with our IOLTA, so you don’t have to.

11. Can consultants have their own staff?

Yes. Consultants can employ their own staff, including other lawyers, all of whom are hired and paid directly by the consultant from their 70%.

The firm’s PLI covers any member of the consultant’s staff who have signed up to the firm’s policies and procedures, subject to the policy.

12. What is covered by the 30% kept by the firm?

The 30% that we take is not simply profit lining our accounts but rather provides you with a competitive suite of benefits to support the quality of services we provide to our clients in the law firm hiring process. These benefits include IOLTA accounts, Professional Liability Insurance, telephone receptionists, mail handling, office services, IT infrastructure and support, supervision and regulatory compliance, remote desktop and case management systems, in-house training, cyber security, help with marketing and business promotion, accounting and billing support, website, and facilities management.

13. Do you have billing targets?

We expect lawyers to bring in at least $80,000 in gross fees per year to ensure that their overheads are covered. This can take the form of billed fees and/or WIP. Apart from this, we have no other billing targets.

14. What can we do to help if a lawyer has a big case and needs temporary staff to work on it?

We have business relationships with specialist agencies that source temporary support staff and provide them with office space and equipment. This is charged back to the consultant.

15. How do we help with marketing and promotion?

All our lawyers are featured on our website and may also have their own websites. We can advise lawyers how to generate work and attract clients and may contribute towards some marketing costs on application.

Working with Scott Moncrieff provides you with the freedom you need to achieve the positive work/life balance necessary to perform your best at work. We provide you with the tools and look forward to generating billables and satisfied clients alike with you. 

Interested? Reach Out, and Let’s Have a Conversation

We’re not for everyone. But if you find what we have to offer appealing, you may be the type of lawyer we’re looking for. We are currently expanding our Washington DC team and are looking for people who are ready to step outside of the traditional law firm hiring model. Attorneys with demonstrated experience in one or more of our practice areas are encouraged to submit a cover letter and résumé via email. We will then get in touch to discuss where we go from here. If you would like any more information or have any specific questions, please email us at