Scott Moncrieff: Unlocking Opportunities in Freelance Lawyer Jobs

The opportunity to pursue freelance lawyer jobs with Scott Moncrieff as a freelance attorney allows you to work with recognized industry leaders and achieve a positive work/life balance. The support we provide allows you to focus on being the best you can be and includes the following key benefits: 

  • A 70/30 fee split in your favor, meaning you keep 70% of the billables you generate
  • The use of cutting-edge case management and client management systems
  • Supervision and guidance 

Attorneys are increasingly turning to law firm jobs to provide flexibility and freedom in their work that is different from the full-time, often overworked, associated lifestyle. However, before making the shift from a full-time associate or partner attorney into the freelance world, the following 5 considerations are helpful to take into account. 

1. Set Your Own Hours

Remote legal work allows you the freedom to determine when you work, which can be both freeing and also, at times, difficult to manage. When you can work at any time, it can become difficult to determine exactly when work ends and your personal life begins. Establishing fixed working hours can be beneficial in promoting a favorable equilibrium between work and personal life.

2. Money Matters

Being self-employed means you don’t receive a salary, which means two things: 

  • Your earnings potential is limitless, and you are able to set your own pay level
  • You have no guarantee of any earnings whatsoever

The guarantee of an annual salary in addition to benefits like health insurance and paid leave on holidays are lost, and organizing these things becomes your responsibility.

3. Flying Solo and Running Your Own Operations 

Freelance attorneys who effectively manage their time and cultivate a successful client base are able to enjoy a better work-life balance than most. At the same time, working completely alone can also result in a lack of colleagues to bounce ideas off of. Working as a freelance associate with Scott Moncrieff offers you the benefit of colleagues to talk to and regular unit meetings to support our freelance lawyers and their operations. 

4. Organization is Key to Success 

Since you are your own boss, it is important that you set your own hours, maintain a workspace, set work hours, and effectively manage your time. Organization allows you to provide the best services to our shared clients. 

5. Career Advancement in Freelance Lawyer Jobs

Associate attorneys often must follow a set career path that can take years to reach earnings equivalent to those of a freelance attorney. There is no limit to your earnings capacity, with self-expansion providing you a way to promote yourself and build your business. 

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