The decision to shift from traditional practice to pursuing attorney jobs as a legal practitioner will change how you work and live in general. However, it is important to understand that transitioning into virtual practice is not always simple, and there may be some initial hurdles to clear. In this article, we present tips and hints gathered over decades of virtual firm experience to help you get your virtual law career started right. 

At Scott Moncrieff, our goal is to help you achieve the work/life balance you desire so that you can perform at your best for our shared clients. Our virtual freelance lawyers keep 70% of the fees they bill, and the only limitation on your earnings potential and upward mobility is your own motivation and preferences. To learn more, check the resources on our site. 

The Attorney Jobs Transition: Establish a Set Workspace and Stay Organized

Creating your new virtual practice workplace is exciting and important as it will support your ability to perform optimally. Maintaining a separate area for work, even if it’s just a corner in a room somewhere in the house, helps to keep work focused and separate from your home life. 

Being at your desk with your work necessities around you gives you the sense of being ‘at work’ and can support focused productivity. As possible, keep your workspace free of distractions, which can include ignoring household chores and other demands during the time designated for work. 

Set a Work Schedule and Stick To It

In addition to having a specific space dedicated to your virtual legal practice, it is also helpful to designate specific times during which you will focus on work. While you no longer are bound by a 9-5 schedule and the associated commute, you will need to find hours that work for you and to stick with them. 

Allowing other commitments or obligations to throw you off your work schedule can become easy. However, sticking to your work times helps to prevent a hobby of distraction that can impact your overall productivity. 

Meet and Take Advantage of the Benefits Associated with Your New ‘Colleagues’

Our virtual office supports a positive work/life balance and grants you the freedom to structure your schedule and practice in a way that best suits your life. We provide the administrative support and framework you need to focus on your billable hours and are happy to explain how the situation works. We also facilitate meetings and social events for our virtual lawyers so they have colleagues to turn to for advice and guidance. 

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