Life as an attorney can mean that long hours at the office, a frustrating and time-consuming commute, and even having to take your job home with you are the norm. Scott Moncrieff was created as a virtual firm to allow lawyers to gain greater control over their working life. The goal has been to enable our attorneys to create a schedule that supports a better work/life balance and leads to greater financial rewards. 

While many freedoms are involved, maintaining a work/life balance as a freelance lawyer can also be difficult. In this article, we’ll consider some strategies to balance your family life with your career as a freelance lawyer. 

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Establish a Work Schedule 

Setting a schedule is one of the most effective ways to keep work focused and contained. While one of the freedoms of freelance work is being able to work whenever, without a schedule, you might find yourself working too often or for short periods over long durations of time. 

Escaping the obligations of a 9-5 workday does not mean you still won’t have other obligations to juggle between your family and work. For example, it might make more sense to work a few hours in the morning and then finish your workday after your family has wound down for the day. 

Set Family Time

To complement your work schedule and to ensure that you have enough time to spend time with your family, it is helpful to also set times to spend with your family. Having a flexible work schedule can lead to you falling into the trap of being available for your clients at all times, which can allow work to bleed into your personal time. Make sure to set times that are entirely work free, like ending the workday at 8 pm or always having Saturday afternoons off for the family. 

Establish and Hold Boundaries 

Boundaries are essential to establish and maintain a positive work/life balance. This can mean helping your family to understand that when you are working, even if from home, you must focus on your work. At the same time, boundaries with your clients keep work contained. Containing work is also supported by creating a workspace in your home that is dedicated to your practice, allowing you to go and leave from a physical place designated as work. 

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