One of the main advantages of joining a virtual law firm and being a solo practitioner is that you have the freedom to decide where, when, and how you work. While this is extremely attractive at the start, it also means you don’t have anyone to cover for you if you want to take a vacation. Time off is important to ensure that you have the physical and mental well-being to perform optimally at your job when you are working. In this article, we’ll explore how our freelance attorneys go about taking their vacations. 

At Scott Moncrieff, we support our freelance attorneys, helping them to achieve a positive work/life balance that suits them. 


As you’ll be in charge of your work schedule, organizing work around your vacation will be your responsibility. Consider your busiest time of year, and avoid taking time off during those periods. When you have regular clients, it is helpful to discuss their upcoming projects and needs to enable you to best determine when to take your vacation. 


In the time leading up to your vacation, it is best to get ahead of work for at least a week or two. Double-check that all deadlines have been completed and that none remain close. Emailing your clients a few months before your vacation is helpful to frame their expectations, and remember to use your e-signature to notify clients of your pending vacation in the prior weeks. This allows for any issues to be raised while you are still available to handle them prior to your time off. 

Document Management 

At Scott Moncrieff, we recognize that managing a virtual firm is very distinct from other firms, and due to this, we are obsessive about document management. We ensure that our virtual attorney uploads their documents so that we can work towards client satisfaction together, and we provide effective administrative support to this end. 

Remote Work

It is important to be able to take time away from work and the office completely. If you are aware and would like to briefly ‘check in,’ however, the remote format supports this. 

Supervision and Support 

A key benefit of working with Scott Moncrieff is our decades of experience helping freelance lawyers thrive in their careers. If you are planning a vacation, you aren’t alone and can discuss this with our support team and fellow freelance lawyers at one of our meet-ups. 

Work with Scott Moncrieff as a Freelance Attorney 

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