There are several benefits to working remotely through the use of virtual firm management software and teleconferencing. However, while working remotely might seem attractive, there are several challenges to doing so effectively and a great many errors that might not be made until they’ve first been experienced, which could be detrimental to your reputation and relationship with a new client. 

In this article, we’ll explain what a remote attorney engaging in flexible virtual work must do to operate their firm efficiently and productively. 

Establish a Defined Area as Your Office 

Working from home removes the need for a commute, but it can be helpful to establish a specific area in your home that is dedicated to working. This could be a corner of a room with your work desk, but having a dedicated space helps to keep your work in a singular area. Additionally, having a designated work space allows you to walk away from work so it doesn’t spread across your home. 

Minimizing distractions during your work time is also helpful in improving focus and productivity. For example, having a dedicated workplace helps minimize the appeal of working in front of the television or while cooking, improving productivity and efficiency during scheduled work times. 

Get the Right Tools for Your Virtual Workspace 

One of the key differences between working for a firm and running a remote workspace is that you’ll need to provide your own infrastructure. You’ll need to have your own equipment, like a laptop, a stable internet connection, and any necessary office software and supplies to complete your work. Client intake and case management software costs can quickly add up, as any solo practitioner will tell you. 

Establish a Schedule

The benefits of a flexible, virtual workplace can also be detrimental if you don’t schedule your time for work. To maintain a positive work/life balance, it is essential to designate certain times to produce for work and beyond that to maintain your personal time and life. A schedule also helps maintain and track time when you move between different projects and clients. Consider when you work best, when your clients might need you to be available, and schedule your time in line with these demands. 

Take Advantage of Support to Improve Performance 

It is important to recognize that going solo only sometimes is important and helps support your firm and the quality of the services you provide to your clients. Using administrative help so you can focus on billables. Working as a freelance lawyer with Scott Moncrieff to have the software, administrative support, and case management help you need to hone in on your billable hours will help you to achieve a positive work/life balance. 

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