The associate attorney pathway to partner can take decades to progress through. Forced retirement ages are no longer practiced, but as associates age and might not reach partner, it can become difficult to increase earnings during some of their most productive years. Consider working with Scott Moncrieff as a freelance lawyer to enable yourself to earn as an attorney and take greater control over your day-to-day operations than the firm lifestyle could ever provide. 

To support our freelance attorneys, we provide the following key benefits, amongst others, that we’ll further cover in any offer of engagement we may present to you: 

  • A 70/30 split on billable fees in your favor
  • Cutting-edge case management and client intake software 
  • Supervision, guidance, and ability to consult with colleagues through virtual meetings

Federal laws prevent the firing of an employee based upon their age; however, in at-will-employment states, any non-discriminatory reason can be used as grounds for firing at any time, and without the protection of an employment contract with a severance package, your continued employment is at the whim of your employer. 

While Federal Law Prevents Age-Based Discrimination, Age Can Impact Hiring and Firing Decisions 

Individuals cannot be discriminated against in employment contexts as a result of certain protected characteristics or class memberships, such as age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. However, employers can sometimes release employees as a result of age-based reasons when they are concerned with job performance. For example, when a job entails a certain level of mental or physical abilities, persons who do not meet these requirements may be fired, even if age is the reason for their lack of qualification.

If your employer has rightfully ended your relationship, early retirement doesn’t mean you can no longer be productive but instead might consider working as a freelance lawyer with Scott Moncrieff.

The Best Option Could Be Freelance Lawyering 

Even if your career with your firm has rightfully come to an end, that does not mean that your working life must also cease. Working as a freelance attorney for Scott Moncrieff can open the door to a new form of legal practice. Like a solo practitioner, you can choose your own hours, and like an associate, you have the support of a company and its resources behind you. 

Works as a Freelance Attorney with Scott Moncrieff 

We are happy to review how our relationship works and look forward to hearing how we can help extend your legal career together through freelance lawyering. To learn how we can work together, reach out to our recruiting department by email at, or connect on our contact page