Scott Moncrieff: Your Virtual Law Firm Partner in Freelance Lawyering

The opportunity to work with Scott Moncrieff as a freelance attorney is more than having the ability to leverage our respected name but also assists you in achieving a positive work/life balance. 

The main benefits that our freelance attorneys enjoy include the following: 

  • Keeping 70% of the billable earnings they generate 
  • Supervision and guidance from experienced professionals
  • Quarterly unit meetings and the ability to consult with colleagues in your virtual practice
  • Access to top-notch case management and client intake systems 

Achieving success as a freelance attorney requires the ability to demonstrate your value to potential clients in such a way that you are chosen above larger firms that might now have greater resources than you do. Running a virtual firm can put the same resources at your disposal as a large one, and the suite of software and administrative support that Scott Moncrieff provides adds to your foundation of success. 

Social Media Presence and Marketing Counts in New Client Acquisition 

Social media is part of your success as a freelance attorney in the modern environment. Here we’ll explore what you should consider when setting up your online business profiles, like LinkedIn. Having an active online presence is vital in today’s networked world.

Set Yourself Apart 

Whether it’s LinkedIn or Instagram, you need your profile to stand out, as there are hundreds of others vying for clients. Your profile headline should be attention-grabbing and highlight what makes you unique and why clients should select you over the competition. 

Demonstrate Your Value and Highlight Your Areas of Expertise 

Highlighting your strengths and unique skills in the main body of your profile is essential. Be concise and to the point at the start, honing in on your practice areas and qualifications within them. Sharing personal information such as education and hobbies can help make you seem more well-rounded and relatable, but make sure to lead with your professional value. 

In the educational experience and professional areas you highlight, keep them aligned with your current pursuits and practice areas. 

Keep Things Clear and Honest 

The most effective way to ensure that your clients can trust you is to be as straightforward as possible from the get-go. Be honest about what your experience is and where your proficiencies lie. Don’t go overboard in your claims of expertise, but at the same time, make sure to remember what unique value you have to offer. Standing apart from other attorneys is how you cultivate business, and with Scott Moncrieff’s support, you can perform above the crowd. 

Work with Scott Moncrieff as a Freelance Attorney

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