Retired Lawyers: Find Meaningful Work and Keep Contributing with Our Law Firm

June 30, 2023
Scomo Law

After decades of hard work and dedication to the practice of law, you decided to close down your practice and enjoy your retirement. After a few years or maybe even months, you discover you missed law practice. If you want to return to the practice of law without giving up your freedom, Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC, may be the perfect platform to launch this new career adventure. 

An Opportunity to Handle the Cases and Clients You Want

Let’s face it—for most of your career, you were focused on the financial metrics to make your practice viable. As rewarding as your career may have been, you often lacked the freedom to be as selective as you would have otherwise been when choosing your cases and our clients. 

At Scott Moncrieff & Watt, you can work as much as you want or as little. This means that you can take only the cases you truly want to handle. 

Scalable to Meet Your Needs

You are free to partner with other freelance attorneys at our firm or recruit other attorneys from outside the firm. This allows you to get the help you want when you need it without taking on a long-term obligation. Whether your practice has grown faster than you anticipated or you just need help with one specific case, Scott Moncrieff & Watt gives you the flexibility you need to best serve your clients. 

A Platform Dedicated to Your Success

Returning to practice after retirement poses many challenges. Even considering these questions can suddenly make your return to practice seem impossible. Returning to a traditional law firm can resolve many of those challenges but requires sacrificing your autonomy and freedom. Opening your own practice amplifies these challenges and typically requires a significant upfront investment. 

We have not only solved these challenges but provided a setting dedicated to helping you meet whatever goals you set for yourself. Some of the benefits we provide to our freelance attorneys include the following: 

  • Access to our state-of-the-art case management and accounting software
  • Marketing support and professional development
  • Use of the firm’s IOLTA account
  • Coverage under the firm’s malpractice insurance 
  • The ability to work from home or use our office space, including the use of our conference rooms and other amenities

You have the ability to set your own fees and get to keep 70% of all fees you bill. All we ask is that you generate at least $80,000 per year in gross fees or work in progress. 

Interested in Joining Us? Get in Touch Today

If you are considering coming out of retirement, we can help you get up and running with minimal challenges. Let’s talk about how we can help you take your career in a new and exciting direction – contact us today to discuss what comes next.