Say Goodbye to the Hassles of Running Your Own Firm: Join Us as a Solo Practitioner

July 15, 2023
Scomo Law

Running your own firm has a lot of positives, such as having total autonomy over how you manage your practice. However, there are some trade-offs, namely, feeling like you spend more time on the administration of your practice than on the actual practice of law. What if you had the freedom and autonomy of being a solo practitioner without the hassles? If that sounds like something you may be interested in, consider joining us at Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC. 

Join a Firm as a Solo Practitioner? 

Yes, that sounds like a contradiction—a solo practitioner who joins a law firm is no longer a solo practitioner. While that would be true in the traditional law firm structure, we offer something different. At your typical law firm, you would be subject to stringent firm policies and procedures, burdensome financial targets, and stifling expectations for generating and managing clients. 

We have built what we believe to be a new way to practice law. We have built a platform that frees solo practitioners from the chores associated with managing their own firm, allowing them to do what they do best. When you join us as a solo practitioner at Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC, you will keep your freedom to build and maintain your practice in the way that you believe best meets your needs and your clients’ needs. 

How We Do It   

We believe that people do their best work when they are happy both at work and in their personal lives. This requires that they have the freedom to pursue their professional goals in the direction they choose, with control over how they wish to accomplish their goals. We have built our firm on these principles, recognizing that we can accomplish great things together. Here is what you can expect when you join our firm as a solo practitioner: 

  • You can set your own rates and choose to bill your fees however you like. You will keep 70% of the legal fees that you are paid. 
  • You will be expected to generate at least $80,000 in gross revenue or work in progress yearly. After that, you decide how much or how little you want to work. 
  • We provide as much marketing and administrative support as you need and when you need it. 
  • We provide access to our cutting-edge accounting and case management platforms. 
  • You will be covered by the firm’s professional liability insurance policy. 
  • You will be able to use the firm’s IOLTA accounts. 
  • You can choose to work remotely or from our Washington DC office and will have access to our conference rooms and other facilities. 

Interested? Get in Touch with Us Today

Our firm isn’t for everyone, but we believe we provide a tremendous opportunity for solo practitioners who are a good fit. To discuss whether joining us is the right choice for your career, contact us today via phone or email.