The Benefits of Working as a Freelance Attorney at a Firm Like Ours

April 27, 2023
Scomo Law

Are you an experienced attorney licensed to practice in Washington DC, who knows their field and would prefer greater freedom in your work? Scott Moncrieff is a revolutionary law firm that is increasingly turning towards self-sufficient freelance attorneys for our deliverables. Rather than keeping in-house associates on the clock for full-time schedules in the office, we are instead interested in freelance attorneys who are happy to work on their own time providing the deliverables our clients in DC. need to excel in their industries. 

If you’ve been in the legal industry for years and feel it is time to change how and when you practice, contact Scott Moncrieff to discuss options on our freelance associate program. 

Tired of the Long Hours and Lack of Appreciation? 

Have your billable hour requirements been inching upwards each year while the amount of time you have to live your personal life has declined? We understand the struggle, and at Scott Moncrieff, we recognize the reality that overworking our associates is not for the benefit of our firm. In fact, we’ve been evolving our business model to lean more toward freelance associates, individuals who have total control over their schedules. 

Are you a corporate lawyer dreaming of free time and control over your schedule? Do you own your own law firm and are growing tired of the endless demands and ongoing need to be on the clock for your clients? If you fit into either of these groups or one like them, you might find that working as a freelance attorney is a dream come true. We appreciate the work that our freelance attorneys provide to us, and beyond meeting your deliverable deadlines, you have total control over your schedule. 

Control of Your Work Volume and Hours 

Working as a freelance attorney is a distinctly different experience from being an in-house associate. As an in-house associate, you’ll often be chasing a minimum number of billable hours to benefit your firm each period, and this minimum number of billable hours can equate to quite a few more than 40 hours worked each week. As a freelance associate, your work is governed by deliverables, not billable hours, which means you control your time. So long as you meet your deadlines, our relationship stays positive and progresses forward. 

Explore Freelance Attorney Options with Scott Moncrieff 

We are presently looking for attorneys who have reached partner level and consultant attorneys who are running their own firms or are presently in associate positions elsewhere. Give us a call at (202) 335-5511, or visit our site to schedule an interview to learn how we can work together.