Unlocking Opportunities: Senior Practitioners Thrive in Our Law Firm

July 31, 2023
Scomo Law

You have worked hard to build a fulfilling legal career. You have accomplished what you set out to accomplish and built a life you love. You are not ready for retirement; you are ready for what comes next. There is still plenty left to do, you want to keep working, but you want to enter this next phase of your career on your own terms. If you are a senior practitioner looking to head in a new and exciting direction with your career, Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC, may be the firm for you. 

Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC: Who We Are

Scott Moncrieff & Watt is an affiliate of the London-based U.K. law firm Scott Moncrieff & Associates. Started in 1987 by Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, we are backed by more than 30 years of experience in providing excellent legal representation for our clients. Over the years, we realized that we produced our best work when our attorneys believed that they had the freedom and autonomy to build the career they dreamed of. Our current structure and our Washington DC firm grew out of the realization. 

We are a virtual law firm with a brick-and-mortar office in downtown Washington DC. Our lawyers have the choice of working from home or some other remote location or from our office. They have access to our meeting spaces and other facilities for when they need to meet with clients, conduct depositions, or whatever other needs may arise. We see ourselves as providing our lawyers with the tools they need to build and maintain their practices however they wish. 

Your Practice, Your Goals

Many senior attorneys who wish to take a step back find themselves marginalized by the firms they helped build. They may be given greater freedom, but really, they are subjected to lower expectations. Their experience is undervalued. Even worse, their compensation is often reduced and they no longer have a seat at the table when it comes to the direction and operation of the firm. 

Senior practitioners should have the ability to set their own course without being put out to pasture. To that end, our model works as follows: 

  • Work as much or as little as you want; we ask only that you generate at least $80,000 per year in gross revenue or work in progress. 
  • You keep 70% of the legal fees you receive. 
  • Whatever support you need. We can provide as much marketing and administrative support as you need, as well as opportunities for professional development. We also give you access to our cutting-edge case management and accounting software and provide you with professional liability coverage. 

Contact Us to Discuss What Comes Next for You

Whether you are worried about forced retirement or just looking for greater control of your future, we encourage you to consider joining us as a freelance attorney. Contact us via phone or email to discuss how we can help you meet your goals and whether we might be a good fit for the next phase of your career.